What are the benefits of mobile grooming?

With mobile grooming there is no need to take pets out of their own environ-ment, eliminating anxiety and car sick-ness. No more transporting a dirty or shedding dog in your car. Senior pets will no longer struggle to get in and out of your vehicle. Mobile grooming is a huge time saver for people with busy lives. If you don’t have time to take your pet to the salon and return later to pick them up, we will come to you!

PawPrints Mobile Pet Salon is fully contained, we use our own water and electricity. Grooming is completed within one to two hours. No cages are used and pets are groomed from start to finish with no interruptions. There are no ringing phones or barking dogs to distract the pet or groomer. Ultimately it is a very personal service and a bond is made between the owner, the pet and the groomer.