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Grooming Services


Nail trimming & filing, ear cleaning, clipping the hair between the paw pads, clipping the groin & anal area, normal brushing, bathing, drying, clipping and scissoring to owner’s preference.

PawPrints’ bathing system uses a Jacuzzi like jet action to remove loose hair and dead skin for the healthiest skin possible.

We use only the finest soap free, all natural shampoos available. Dogs are then fluff dried by hand.

All of our furry friends receive a bandanna or bow, please let us know if you have a preference. The groom is then topped off with a spritz of wonderfully fragrant cologne.

Grooming prices are determined by size, breed and coat condition. please contact the salon for specific pricing for your dog.


DEMATTING – 10 minutes (for small & medium size dogs) and 15 minutes (for large dogs) of normal brushing is included with the price of a basic groom. If you wish to preserve long hair on your pet and we have to manually demat beyond that, an additional fee will be added. We will not do major dematting as it is painful to your dog. As an alternative we may recommend a short haircut.

FRESH BREATH TREATMENT – Does your dog have bad breath? Our two step gentle application of gel and foam will help freshen your pet’s breath.

ALOE REMOISTURIZING TREATMENT – This newest procedure replaces hot oil treatment. It adds moisture to the coat, while helping relieve itching and flaking. An aloe treatment also helps prevent matting of the coat.

Our flea and tick shampoo will immediately kill existing pests on your dog.

Frontline and Advantix treatments will provide your pet with protection against fleas for up to 3 months and ticks for a month – even after bathing.

ANAL GLANDS – Is your dog “scooting” across the floor? Having your pets anal glands expressed can help.

DESHEDDING – This carding procedure removes 60-80% of the shedding hair that you would normally find all over your home. It will eliminate extra hair that the brush and comb do not get. Carding will leave your dog’s coat with a smooth and finished look.

MEDICATED SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER – For pets that are biting, licking and scratching – our hypoallergenic treatments will soothe on contact. Skin redness caused by irritation is reduced.

PET-I-CURE – We will massage your pups paw pads with a moisturizing lotion. Then a professional electric tool is used to buff and smooth sharp nail tips. This prevents scratching should your dog jump on you. It will protect scratching of hard wood flooring in your home. You may also have your pet’s nails finished with a coat of stylish color.

BLUEBERRY FACIAL – A calming blueberry and vanilla facial will not only clean and refresh, it also helps remove tear stains and odor.

TEMPERMENTAL FEE – If a pet repeatedly tries to bite or if a pet is elderly, they may require two groomers to safely complete their groom. In these instances, an extra fee will be added.