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Things To Know


Pets who stay on a consistent schedule are more acclimated to the grooming process and less stressed out. To achieve this, all clients are required to rebook every 6-10 weeks. Our goal is creating happy healthy pets. We are sure our clients appreciate that every appointment made is an allocated time slot tailored specifically for your pet’s needs, therefore if unable to keep an appointment, we ask that notice be given as soon as possible, in order for the stylists to have ample time to fill that appointment spot with the clients from our waiting list. If notice is not received, you will be responsible for paying 50% of your dog’s grooming fee.

Your timely arrival for dropping off and picking up your pet is necessary for PawPrints to run effectively. Unless prior arrangements have been made, if you are over 15 minutes late in picking up your pet, you will be charged a $20 late fee.


In order to promote and maintain the safest environment possible for our clients and our staff, we require that all pets entering our facility bring proof that they are up to date and current on their vaccinations. Please supply us with a copy of your pets vaccinations from your veterinarian, or alternatively you may have your vets office fax us the information.


PawPrints promotes an environment that is based on creating a peaceful, pleasant experience, where grooming is something to be enjoyed. In order to maintain this, we cannot accommodate aggressive or extremely hyperactive pets. If we see that the grooming is going to be too stressful for them, we will not proceed, and you will be called to pick up your pet. As groomers it is our job to act in the best interest of the pet and put their safety first. There are many dangers and chances of injury involved when a pet is unsettled during grooming procedures. Grooming is something that pets have to go through, as it is a necessity in their life, therefore it should always be made as positive an experience as possible. If pets are only slightly hyperactive or aggressive, and can be safely managed with assistance, there is a possibility that we will groom your pet for an additional temperamental fee.

If you have a pet that is fearful, shy, anxious or nervous, no problem. However, please inform us in making their appointment so that we may allow for more time to acclimate your pet and let them adjust. It is our experience that with time, patience and positive reinforcement your pet can learn to love grooming.